Visual Amplification
The Royal College of Art

with Paula Artnzen, Julinka Ebhardt & Zekun Chang

A collaboration with Korg and the band OkGo to develop a series of instruments to perfrom the song 'Another Set of Issues'.
Two Korg MS-20’s were disassembled and hacked to control a series of performance machines.


The circuitry of KORGs MS-20 mini has been hacked and rewired to play only the 4 notes of the repeating bassline to the song, ‘Another Set of Issues’. Rotating the handle triggers contact between the circuit and the oversized keys to play the corresponding notes. The rotating action required to play the instrument is an intentionally exaggerated gestural interpretation of the notion of ‘looping’ used in electronic music.

The faces and bodies of the band members are magnified and distorted as the chorus of the song, ‘Another Set of Issues’ is played on KORGs MS-20 mini. The 6 notes to play the chorus sequence are programmed as triggers that rotate 6 stepper motors that are attached to large fresnel lenses within the frame.

Gemma Roper